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April 13, 2018
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Man that is having back pain and is being helped up by a woman

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Man that is having back pain and is being helped up by a woman

Chronic pain? Studies show that over 76 million Americans have had chronic pain that’s lasted more than 24 hours at a time. Millions of people seek out surgeries, narcotics and other invasive techniques to curb chronic pain and their symptoms. However, do these methods actually work? Or are natural healing methods better for the body? Regenerative medicine uses your body’s natural healing capabilities to naturally soothe chronic pain and symptoms. Find out why this natural healing method can be much better for your body!


Chronic Pain in the United States

When you think of the major diseases and conditions that are out there, you might not think of chronic pain as being one of the worst problems people have. However, chronic pain is the driving force behind many hospital visits and missed days at work. Most of the major chronic conditions that exist have chronic pain associated with them, such as arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, cancer, multiple sclerosis, injuries, and more.


Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and needs attention. Pain is perceived when receptor nerve cells near the skin or organs where the condition has occurred send messages to the spinal cord, then to the brain via the nervous system. Most medical professionals will ask patients if they are in pain and to rate their pain level from 1-10. Acute pain is pain that is not very intense, but can be unpleasant, and it usually goes away shortly. However, chronic pain is a type of pain is long-lasting and is likely due to a long-term disease or condition.


Methods to Ease Chronic Pain

Most people don’t enjoy being in pain, especially if it is chronic and interferes with their life. This is why people go to hospitals and seek medical attention. It’s also why so many people get surgeries to correct disorders or injuries in the body. However, studies show that there are many people who get surgeries and other invasive procedures done when they may not be needed. Surgery generally leads to weeks and months of healing, accompanied by costly hospital bills, missed work and more. If you are already hurting from injuries or ailments, does it make much sense to have muscles and tissues cut in your body?


Surgery is essentially creating more injuries to the body, and could be very traumatic to a patient’s health, especially if their body struggles with healing. A good example is slow-healing wounds that diabetic patients have. Surgery would not be the answer for patients who have this problem. Natural healing methods are better. People have been using natural healing methods to cure ailments and chronic conditions for centuries. Today we use natural methods such as chiropractic care, physical therapy methods, proper nutrition and exercise, massage therapy and more. Many times, regenerative medicine plays a role in those therapies to help a patient heal. Stem cell therapy is one such type of regenerative medicine method that is making waves all over the medical world.


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Regenerative Medicine

Stem cell therapy—or regenerative medicine—is a type of holistic healing. Holistic healing is a method of making the body better through focusing on the body, mind and spirit when approaching a person’s health. Not only do you take in a person’s condition and symptoms, but you also try to treat the person as a whole. Professionals who practice holistic healing want to help a person’s chronic pain and symptoms go away for good. One method is stem cell therapy.


Stem Cells in Your Body

The International Society for Stem Cell Research describes stem cells as the foundation cells of a person’s body. The body has amazing capabilities of healing itself, no matter if the injury is large or small. When your body is injured, it immediately goes to work to clot an injury and make new tissue so an injury heals itself like new. Blood platelets in the blood clot a wound, making a scab, and eventually new tissue forms in place of the injury. It does this through stem cells. This is a neutral type of cell found in your body, and everyone is born with them. How many stem cells you are born with depends on your genetics.


These are one of the most important type of cells in your body because they help heal you. They lie latent in your body in reserve until an injury happens, then they work to rebuild tissue that was lost. The amazing thing about this specific type of cell though, is that it can turn almost into any other type of cell. No other cell can do that. The more stem cells you have, the quicker and better you can heal your body.


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Choose Natural Healing

Not everyone has enough stem cells to heal the body well over time. Some people are born with many, which may be why they heal so quickly. Others are not born with very many, so they may heal slower. The amount of stem cells a person has diminishes as they age, meaning healing is slower over time. Stem cell therapy was designed to help a person heal better through donated stem cells. That means, a person can receive a stem cell injection full of new stem cells that go straight to the site of injury. These stem cells jumpstart the healing process in a person to help them overcome an ailment.


This is a natural healing method because the body naturally has stem cells. Stem cells and the hormones associated with them are also naturally anti-inflammatory, meaning not only with a person heal better, but they will have soothing pain relief too. Stem cell therapy is just one form of natural healing for patients, but it’s one that many have found relief through. Plus, it prevents patients from needing surgery or invasive procedures for their chronic pain. If you would like to learn more about this amazing therapy, call Stem Cell Centers today at (877) 808-0016!