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Deciding to Try Stem Cell Therapy

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Do you suffer from chronic pain, especially joint, lower back or neck pain? Seeking out natural healing methods is one of your best options for finding pain relief without resorting to surgery or narcotics. Both of these come with many risks that you just don’t want to have. Regenerative therapy through stem cells is one natural method of curbing chronic pain, while helping boost healing in your body. Find out what this therapy can do for you and if you should try it for your healing!


Your Body’s Natural Healing

Did you know that your body has built-in measures for healing no matter if your injury is big or small? Everyone has gotten injured sometime during their life. The human body is not indestructible and is bound to be hurt in some way. No matter if you have a major injury or a tiny cut, your body goes through a specific healing process in a specific way. When you’re injured, blood platelets rush to the site of a wound, clotting the area and forming a scab. At the same time, your body receives signals that an injury has occurred.


When you were born, you had a built-in system for healing made possible through stem cells. These are neutral cells in the body that lie dormant until an injury happens. Once a cut or wound occurs, stem cells rush to the injury site alongside blood platelets. The stem cells then differentiate and transform into the type of cell the body needs to heal itself. This is how a wound eventually turns into a scar, which new skin cells in place of the injury. Every person has these type of cells in their body, but the amount diminishes as a person ages, which can make healing take longer.


After scientists discovered the existence of stem cells, they immediately started to use them to help people with chronic conditions and pain. You can take stem cells from donated sources or a patient themselves and add them to areas of the body that need extra healing. The process of doing this is a simple one called stem cell therapy.


Stem cells


Stem Cell Therapy: What Is It?

Stem cell therapy is a form of regenerative therapy, which is a form of regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine seeks to use natural methods to create living, functional tissues in the body. Stem cells fall into this category of regenerative therapy because they already are able to transform into tissues and cells the body needs for healing. The key is to use the stem cells for a specific purpose, in the right part of the body to build the tissue a patient needs.


Doctors and surgeons have been using stem cells in medicine for 20 years to help patients build tissue and heal quicker. At our facility, we utilize stem cell injections for patients who are seeking relief from chronic pain and conditions that cause it. We receive donated sources of stem cells and use them to create a solution that is injectable. When patients come into our office for issues with arthritis, chronic pain, neuropathy and more, we can use those solutions and inject them into the source of the pain or symptoms. This therapy is quick, as it only takes a few minutes of a patient’s time and does not require surgery or recovery time. Patients simply receive the injections and can see how their symptoms improve over time. As a form of healing, this is a great option for people that need help for their health, but don’t want surgery or other invasive measures to find relief.


Who Do We Treat?

Not everyone is a candidate for stem cell therapy, nor is it the best option for every person. However, stem cell therapy can be very beneficial for the patients who receive it, especially if they are seeking effective healing from natural sources. Arthritis patients are ones who can significantly benefit from our therapy injections. There are over 100 different forms of arthritis, and all affect a person’s joint health in some way. The most common arthritis forms are osteoarthritis, which affects 30 million Americans, and rheumatoid arthritis, which affects 1.5 million Americans. Stem cell therapy injections can go directly into a patient’s affected joint, which spreads out an anti-inflammatory stem cell solution in the joint.


In just a few minutes, patients will feel soothing relief from pain and joint disintegration can come to a standstill. We can treat any patient with arthritis or joint condition. We also treat patients with:

  • Knee pain or meniscal tears
  • Hip arthritis and labral tears
  • Shoulder pain and tendinitis
  • Wrist, elbow and ankle pain
  • Chronic neck and back pain
  • Torn rotator cuff
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Neuropathy problems
  • Post-surgical healing needs


A doctor injecting a stem cell solution into a patient

Stem Cell Therapy Potential

Scientists are currently researching and applying stem cell science to countless conditions that are degenerative, especially ones that seem to be irreversible. The body has an amazing capability to heal itself if it has the right tools to do so. That is why stem cell therapy holds such a promising potential for treating numerous diseases and conditions: it uses what the body already has. Studies and tests are already being done with stem cells and patients who have macular degeneration, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, diabetes and more.


Thus far, stem cell therapy has proven to be effective for helping patients with chronic conditions such as bone marrow cancer and the conditions listed above. In fact, stem cell therapy is a vital part of helping cancer patients alongside other treatments. Because stem cells are so versatile, their potential is literally endless if you have a chronic condition or injury. Receiving extra cells through stem cell therapy can help heal pain, injuries and chronic conditions faster. If you suffer from chronic pain—especially on a daily basis—don’t let it continue! Find out if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy by calling Stem Cell Centers today at (877) 808-0016!