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Who Should Get Stem Cell Therapy?

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November 6, 2018
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November 27, 2018
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Stem Cell Therapy is a revolutionary treatment protocol for those suffering from pain or dysfunction due to injury or age-related joint issues. Surgery, a lifelong dependency on pain medications, or resigning to your conditions are not your only options. Advances in science and technology now offer you curative treatment options without surgery, recovery periods, or pharmaceuticals for those who qualify. Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy offers you targeted, lasting treatment.

What Stem Cells Do

The human body is replete with stem cells and are tasked with a vital role in the body’s healing process. They lie latent in your body and then kick into action when your body suffers an injury. Stem cells follow your platelets to the injured site and transform into the same type of cell that was injured, naturally repairing the area.

Stem cell therapy helps boosts your body’s natural healing process by delivering a high concentration of stem cells to your area of injury. Find out if you are a candidate for this advanced treatment by scheduling a free consultation with a stem cell therapist near you!

Conditions Stem Cell Therapy Treats

The regenerative treatment that stem cell therapy offers can solve your  If you are suffering from injury or age-related joint issues. If you are currently suffering from any of the following conditions, stem cell therapy may be right for you:

  • Osteoarthritis*
  • Soft tissue injuries (including meniscus and cartilage)
  • Achilles tears
  • Epicondylitis
  • Tendon or ligament tears
  • Rotator Cuff Injuries
  • Wound healing
  • Hip pain
  • Neck pain
  • Low back pain
  • Sacroiliac pain
  • Joint pain in the knee, shoulder, fingers, wrist, ankles or toes
  • Tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow

*Patients with severe degenerative osteoarthritis may not be eligible for stem cell therapy. During your consultation, we can assess your condition to see what you are eligible for.

Modern Times Offer Modern Treatments

Don’t settle for anything less than what current science and technology can offer you. Stem cell therapy is a safe, natural regenerative therapy, supported by the National Institute of Health. It can be used to treat degenerative joint conditions, arthritis and injuries in the body that have caused damage. The less invasive option should always be your first route to avoid complications and to avoid introducing new issues.

Keep Your Active Lifestyle, or get it back with Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

If chronic knee, back, hip, shoulder pain, osteoarthritis, arthritis or other joint pain is limiting your daily routine or preventing you from activities you enjoy, take action!

Regenerative stem cell therapy may offer, long-term relief for people that are suffering from joint pain, arthritis, and neuropathy. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes with minimal pain. Contact us today to find out if regenerative medicine may be right for you.

Why Choose Stem Cell Centers?

Stem Cell Centers is a multidisciplinary environment where different disciplines who are passionate about regenerative medicine can combine their individual expertise to create the best environment for patient’s to heal.

Our locations are state-of-the-art stem cell treatment centers, staffed by experts who utilize leading-edge technologies and advanced treatment modalities to deliver patient-centric care. Rest assured you or your loved one will be provided with access to the latest research-based stem cell therapy in a comfortable, caring environment.

Call for a Free Stem Cell Therapy Consultation

Regenerative treatment can restore your vitality and relieve your pain. Find out if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy by scheduling an appointment and visiting with our physicians on the applications for amniotic stem cell therapy with your current injury.  Call Stem Cell Centers today at (877) 808-0016 and see what stem cell therapy can do for!