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March 14, 2019
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Tissue regeneration

Tissue regeneration

Tissue regeneration occurs after exercising, after surgery or injuries happen. Without that tissue regeneration, your body would wear away before you were even able to grow from your infant stage. A major part of that tissue regeneration involves stem cells, which are neutral cells that are in your body solely to rebuild your tissues. Find out what the process of tissue regeneration looks like, how to accelerate it, and why stem cells are so important to your healing!

A Thing or Two About Regeneration

When we talk in terms of regeneration, we are referring to the regrowth of an injured or missing part of your body; possible a part of an organ.

While many animals have the ability to regrow organs and other body parts, humans are somewhat limited. The liver is the only organ in the body that can grow cells and regenerate to nearly its original size.

Human skin is another organ of the body that is constantly regenerating, but, sadly, many other human tissues just don’t regenerate.  However, with the power of stem cells and regenerative medicine, scientists are discovering ways to help spur tissue regeneration in the human body.

“Tissue engineering and regeneration researchers in the Mayo Clinic Department of Physiology and Biomedical Engineering develop new approaches to repair, restore or regenerate tissue function lost due to injury, chronic disease and aging,” writes the Mayo Clinic.  Their work is prolonging the lives of millions and restoring others to vitality levels not previously known–and it’s just the beginning.

The Process of Tissue Regeneration

“Tissue regeneration is the process of renewal and growth to repair or replace tissue that is damaged or suffers from a disease,” writes Science Direct.

Tissue regeneration means that in an injured area, the cell number lost is returned to its previous number. For this to happen, research in Current Topics in Developmental Biology, outlines three possible scenarios:

  1. Inducing proliferation of the preexisting cells close to the injured area
  2. Inducing migration of cells from non-injured areas
  3. Reducing the loss of proliferating cells through differentiation and apoptosis

The result of these mechanisms is a successful tissue regeneration outcome.

How to Accelerate Tissue Regeneration

The process of tissue regeneration is encouraged by ensuring the best microenvironment possible for the healing tissues with targeted therapy to get the body’s full potential for self-healing.

“Rehabilitation coupled with regenerative medicine surgeries has shown improved outcomes for tissue regeneration. With innovative findings from medical researchers in tissue engineering and cellular therapies, physical therapies play an important role in translating these findings,” says Conference Series.

Why Stem Cells Are Essential for Healing

Stem cells not only have a self-renewal capacity, but their ability to differentiate can make them a feasible tool for treating malignant disease and other injuries.

Tissue regeneration and engineering is a popular topic of scientific research and communities.  Because of the limitations of the human body to regenerate bone, cartilage, nerves, skin and muscle, many fall victim to amputations of limbs or functional disability.

“The isolation of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and later the embryonic stem cells in conjunction with the advances made in cellular biology, tissue engineering, genetics and recombinant technology has initiated the development of new techniques and new therapeutic strategies allowing treatment of many pathological conditions providing restoration of tissue continuity and function,” writes Science Direct.

The Rising Field of Tissue Engineering

A rapidly advancing field in the world of regenerative medicine is tissue engineering. It uses the principles of engineering and life science for the development of biological substitutes that can return, maintain, and better tissue function or even an entire organ.

Are You A Candidate for Tissue Regeneration with Stem Cell Therapy?

We want to help all of our patients find healing and pain relief through natural, effective stem cell therapy. However, we also want to make sure our patients are candidates for stem cell therapy. With a medical evaluation at our office, we can assess your symptoms, chronic conditions and goals for the future. If we find that you are a candidate for stem cell therapy, we will start you on a treatment plan right away. Don’t let your pain or injury keep you from doing what you love! Call Stem Cell Centers today at (877) 808-0016 and see what stem cell therapy can do for you!