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Non-Narcotic Pain Management with Stem Cell Therapy

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Deciding to Try Stem Cell Therapy
May 16, 2018
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Stem Cell Uses
June 5, 2018
Stethoscope next to a sign that says "pain relief"

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Stethoscope next to a sign that says "pain relief"

Did you know that narcotic painkillers are incredibly addicting? A patient can become addicted to painkillers with the first try. This is one option that is very popular alongside surgery when it comes to people seeking out methods of pain relief. However, modern medicine didn’t exist in the many centuries that have past. People relied on natural healing methods to curb chronic pain and to heal injuries and chronic conditions. Natural therapy—such as stem cell therapy—is one that can help soothe your pain and your injuries without invasive procedures or addiction risk. Find out what this therapy is, how it works, and if you are a candidate!


Choosing Non-Narcotic Pain Management

Did you know that there are many natural, non-narcotic pain management methods that don’t require invasive procedures like surgery? Many people believe that surgery is the only answer to heal their problems. With very severe injuries, surgery may be the only option. However, in most cases, there is always a natural option for patients to experience full, lasting healing. Your body goes through natural processes every day to heal. When you lift weights, you are actually breaking your muscle fibers, or causing injury to them. However, your body rebuilds your muscle tissue, making it stronger and larger than it was before.


Your body has amazing capabilities for healing itself naturally. After all, that is how it was designed. When a bone breaks, it is set straight, but then the body does all of the healing. When muscles tear or organs are damaged, often the body heals itself naturally. However, you can help you pain and symptoms during your healing time through non-narcotic pain management therapies. You can even boost your healing through the use of these therapies, as they were designed to enhance what the body already does on its own.


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Pain Management Therapies

An example of natural healing is physical therapy. When people have surgery or sustain an injury, they are often referred to a physical therapist. This is even if you had surgery to fix a problem. Why would you be referred to physical therapy if surgery fixed the problem? Surgery doesn’t actually “fix” the problem; your body does. Using natural therapies helps boost the body’s capabilities for healing itself.


Physical therapy provides patients with exercises that build up the muscles and cells in a certain area of the body. Chiropractic adjustments realign the body to relieve problems with neuropathy, compressed nerves, herniated discs and more. Non-narcotic pain management therapies also don’t put you at risk for addictions, further injuries and longer healing times. They use the body’s natural components to heal, which is actually one of the quickest ways to find lasting healing. This is why stem cell therapy and treatment is so effective.


Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is an amazing option for patients that live with chronic aches and pains as well as chronic conditions. When you are born, you have an ample amount of stem cells in your body. Think of these as neutral cells in your body that your body uses when it needs them. You have many stem cells in reserve that are used for healing the body’s organs, tissues, muscles and more. When an injury happens, your blood rushes to the site of injury, providing blood platelets that build up on each other and clot the wound.


Stem cells lie dormant in your body, but are released into your blood when injuries happen. They follow blood platelets to your injury, and as the blood platelets clot and create a scab, stem cells transform into the cell your body needs to repair itself. This means stem cells can turn into skin cells or muscle cells or any other type of cell. That is how a wound turns into a scab, and into new tissue. However, stem cell production can diminish as you age. The fewer stem cells you have, the longer it takes to heal and vice versa. Luckily, stem cells can be donated. They abound in the placenta, umbilical cord, in other people and many additional sources. We can take stem cells from donor sources and with stem cell therapy, we can inject them into patients who need additional healing.


Woman receiving a therapy injection in her upper back

Faster Healing and Reduced Pain

We mentioned non-narcotic pain management through natural therapies and treatments. Stem cell therapy falls under that category of non-narcotic pain management. Why? Stem cells and their injection solutions are naturally anti-inflammatory. In many patients, especially those with arthritis, pain is the main symptom of their health problems. Stem cell therapy not only injects a stem cell solution into patients that boosts healing, but it also reduces pain and inflammation.


For patients with joint conditions and arthritis, it can stop cartilage deterioration and can moisten the joints so that you don’t experience pain. The best part is that it is natural! There are no narcotics involved (which can produce addictions) and no surgery required. All it requires is a few minutes of your time and a simple injection. To learn more about stem cell injections and our other non-narcotic pain management suggestions, call Stem Cell Centers today at (877) 808-0016!