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April 18, 2018
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May 10, 2018
Paper with the word "cancer" surrounded by various shots, medicines and medical tools

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Paper with the word "cancer" surrounded by various shots, medicines and medical tools

Stem cell therapy is used in many patients that have certain types of cancers. When patients receive chemotherapy and radiation treatment to kill cancer cells, often a patient’s stem cells are destroyed as well. This is something that happens in patients with bone marrow cancers. To help the body heal after cancer cells and stem cells have been destroyed, they receive new stem cells through stem cell therapy. Find out how these treatments benefit cancer patients!


Connection Between Bone Marrow and Stem Cells

You know that bone marrow has something to do with your bones, but what is it really? Many people think that their bones are simply hard and solid all the way through. Actually, they are porous inside and filled with bone marrow. The bone marrow is a spongy tissue that houses many immature cells of the body, such as large quantities of stem cells. Your bone marrow is also the factory of your blood cells. This is where red blood cells, white blood cells and blood platelets are made. Many illnesses and abnormalities in the body can be detected if a person’s white blood cell count is low or abnormal.


Problems with a person’s bone marrow can quickly lead to death without treatment. This is why bone marrow cancers such as leukemia and multiple myeloma are so serious. It hinders a person’s blood cell production, which can kill them. We mentioned that a person’s bone marrow contains high amounts of stem cells. Many people don’t know that stem cell therapy (via transplants) is often used for cancer patients. This cancer therapy has actually been used for many years to help people with bone marrow cancers.


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Stem Cell Cancer Therapy

Cancer is a serious disease that leads to death in many patients. The goal is to avoid that as much as possible without compromising the health of a patient too seriously. Countless testing throughout the decades has found that radiation therapy and chemotherapy are effective methods of killing off cancer cells in patients so that they might live longer. However, these intense treatments also end up killing healthy cells in a person’s body that they need to function. Stem cells are one such cell killed off during cancer treatments.


Most people are born with the amount of stem cells that they will have throughout their life. Your body does continue to produce stem cells, but it’s nothing like the amount that you are born with. Some people are born with many stem cells, which is how they seem to heal so quickly from injuries. Others are born with a limited amount of stem cells. It all depends on genetics. When a cancer patient’s stem cells are killed off with the cancer, something must be done so that red blood cell production and stem cell production can still continue. A patient cannot immediately produce an ample supply of stem cells to replace what was lost. It would simply take too long to do. Hence, the reason for stem cell cancer therapy.


Donated Stem Cells

Cancer patients can receive injections of stem cells from donor sources. You can even donate your own stem cells to a cancer patient in need. Some patients are able to have stem cells taken from one part of them body to be injected into another part that needs those cells. An ample dose of donated stem cells can help a cancer patient to recover the stem cells that were killed off during their cancer treatments. Many people would just say, “don’t do the chemo or radiation therapies”. These treatments are necessary to help patients to live and overcome cancer. Smaller doses and treatments can kill off cancer cells, but not enough to stop those cancer cells from spreading.


Doctors can use high doses of chemo and radiation if their patient is receiving stem cell cancer therapy from donors. Higher doses allows more (or all) cancer cells to be killed off, which is the main goal. Some research also suggests that donated stem cells from other people are somewhat different than a person’s own stem cells. Because a person’s own stem cells sometimes won’t heal their body from their own cancer, outside stem cells have a different reaction to a person’s cancer. Donated stem cells can actually kill off cancer cells in a patient because they are not immune to the cancer cells plaguing a person’s body.


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Cancer Therapy Transplants

Stem cell cancer therapy has helped cure thousands of people with deadly cancers, according to the American Cancer Society. Transplants are no joke if a patient chooses this form of treatment. Patients will have to have tubes hooked up to their bodies to receive stem cell cancer therapy injections straight into their bone marrow. This is a serious procedure and can be painful for a cancer patient simply because it is invasive. You have to take stem cells from one patient to another, which can typically involve a needle, but isn’t very bad at all for someone donating their stem cells.


Stem cells are an amazing tool for healing the body and for saving lives. There is no other type of cell in your body that can turn into other types of cells. When you donate your stem cells, you give another person a chance at a better life. Your stem cells can differentiate and create new cells in another’s bone marrow, which can boost their own stem cell production. Red and white blood cell production increases and the cancer patient’s body has a chance at survival. To learn more about stem cells and stem cell therapy, call Stem Cell Centers today at (877) 808-0016!